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Great Internet Videos
Sharing Internet videos has become viral in and of itself. Here are a number of sources and individual picks to amuse or excite most. However, remember, "You can please some of the people all of the time but you can't please all the people all of the time."

General Sources:
Jokeroo - Very fascinating site. There’s a great variety of interesting clips here.
More from Jackeroo- Check out the offerings. Lots of stuff.

Digital Trends- Lots of ads but scroll to "Entertainment" for top video picks.
Coolest One- Great source for coolest videos, on-line Sudoku, puzzles, eagle cam
Reelseo- The Week’s Best Viral Videos & Viral Video Marketing Lessons – Unique
Even though this site is about video marketing there are many fine videos of interest. - Must See Site for the Creative! Photos, Videos, Writing, Tutorials, Contests

(Sources and comments may be changed depending upon content value.)

Individual Picks:
NEW!   2011 Earthquakes Video - Absolutely fascinating! Charts 9,300 significant earthquakes around the world in 2011.
             Turn the sound on!  Bset portion is between the 40 second mark and 6:47. (There were 22,281 measurable quakes.)
NEW!   This is Einstein!  - Meet this great parrot at the Knoxville Zoo.  Additional videos at this site.
NEW!   Driving on a Mountain Top - Do not try this at home... Hey, I wouldn't try this anywhere! 
 FUN!    Draw Stickman - (Interactive!) Draw and interact - Be creative! Plan on taking a 10 min. break from your day!
Doggie Do! - Add a little green & red and some piercing... ready for a night on the town!
Ape with AK47-Primates are smart.  What the hell are we teaching them???
Apes with Machete - Apes are teaching each other to use machetes!
Chimp plays War Game Chimp Plays First Person Shooter!

Young Republican Pool Party - Strict warning: All the participants are undressed.
NASA Satellite Hits Car!- No explanation needed! 
Dancing Gorilla- Hmmmm? Tried this and it made a monkey outta me! 
Robin Williams- As the American flag. Oldie but Goodie.
Soda Water Dogs- From BBC. British humor adds a good twist to dogs having fun.
Train vs Tornado
No Contest! Here's another reason to take cover when tornados loom about.

Arizona Fire Tornado!-
Fantastic footage of a fire spawned tornado including frantic dialogue between a guy and his mom.
Worlds First BMX Tripple Backflip- Do Not try this at home!!!
Magic on the Ipad- Fun domonstration of Ipad magic.
Coolest Marriage Proposal Ever!- Definately Not a casual impluse!
Goose Named Maria- Now famous; CBS, WSJ, etc.
(Note: Maria also appears in "Ok Go." A day in the park video. Watch closely!
OkGo - A day in the park - Great time lapse video also staring Maria in supporting role.
United Breaks Guitars- 2009 Classic by Dave Carroll of the "Sons of Maxwell." Proof that we can stand up to major corporations! Also check out Song #3, Resolution???
Beach Boys Remix - War zone soldiers having some fun with our diplomatic policies.
Weight loss exercise
- Fascinating! Better than blubber!
Boobies & Kittens- No description needed! (If 'boobies' are an issue... skip it!)
Best TV Commercial?- Not shown in America!
Ikea Mattress Ad- Not seen in America! (Adult context.)
For all airline travelers!It’s one of the funniest Irish songs you'll see / hear!!
Real Fur Coat. PETA Alert! PETA Alert!
What is being sold here? - Surprises are fun.
Tippy Cube
- Interesting... (From Jokeroo.)
Front of Ship Fell Off
- Huh? EPA will love this one!
Breakfast with Ginger
- Creative and funny! Now copied by many but not as good as this.
Open Baggage w/o Key!- Theft in airports and hotels?
U.S. Debt and China- What kind of future are we creating?
Late Nite Catechism:(Not for the religiously entrenched) Great Humor! There's an entire series.
One review: "If you were raised Catholic or know someone who was, you will love this video! This nun is hilarious ... & she really is a nun. She grew up on the south side of Chicago."
Time Machine- A Ride Through San Francisco April 1906 a week before the great earthquake. Many other San Francisco videos also available. Before & after, etc.
SU-27 Crash at Airshow
- Other views are available at YouTube. Also see 1001Crash.comif this is your thing.
Twin Tornados- Twin tornados emerge at night seen only by lightning flashes! Also see: Oklahoma 4/14/11
Robot Flys Like a Bird -
Leonardo da Vinci dreamt of it. See the real thing now. (A bit technical but interesting.)
Air Swimmers-
Awsome and Fun! Great (indoor) Christmas Gift? Google "Air Swimmers"
Best Christmas Lights! - (Volume On.) Techie gone wild! Requires 3 persons to manage traffic by house..
Time Lapse Landscapes - Beautiful Experience! Run in Full Screen Mode.
If frequent breaks, pause video and let it buffer.

More Than Just Videos: Visual effects - Moving or Still? Visual effects - Motion Induced Blindness Visual effects - Challenging Illusions Visual effects - More Illusions Imaginative Signs - Learn to Fly Here! - Pictures Taken at Just the Right Angle

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