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      We attempt to screen for the best Internet sources for a great variety of information.  We do not take political positions based upon any party affiliation.  We do, however, feel committed to offer perspectives often avoided by political parties. 
     Our mission is to dig
below the surface and half-truths that all political factions foist off on the unsuspecting public.  We abhor the political activist "drama queens" who pump out hysterical half-truths in the emails that clog our in-boxes!
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"Current News" offers a wide range of news sources and information pre-screened to provide a wide range of accurate information. We have included a number of political sites including Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street sites. Most readers will find a lot of biased information among the political sites. It does take time to cut through the political posturing to find central issues aside from political dogma.

"Getting Realistic" on our "Home" page holds numerous links where we examine some of the fundamental problems now presenting conflicts for our nation. Now, this is where we delve into deeper politics.  These issues become complex and are often intentionally shrouded in subterfuge.  This path is NOT for the casual reader!  If you are seeking a "quickie" this just isn't the place.  You may want to move on.  The waters here get deep quickly!

What is Our General Social/Political Perspective?
no matter how one slices it or dices it, there will always be a lower quartile, a lower half – those persons in our national community who do not have the education, experience, intellectual capacity and/or motivation to successfully manage long term financial planning and complex health and insurance issues.

    Congress and Politics are the root causes of our recession and housing collapse! Congress was warned by the FBI in 2004 that the fraud within the sub-prime mortgage programs was so extensive that it could bring down the financial system! Since 2004 79% to 80% of sub-prime applications involved application fraud and/or predatory lending. Congressional refusal to rein in excesses in the sub-prime markets and the related derivatives and CDS's has cost our citizens trillions in net worth. Much more on this subject is available on our "Getting Realistic" link.

    Unfortunately, the level of venom in political and private circles has risen to levels that are fracturing the country. All sides are standing firm with near religious fervor while condemning others who fail to agree. For the most part, our political leadership is damn near clueless and in near total denial regarding their own culpability. In reality, we are witnessing political self-interest and not the ethics of national best interest.

We do not believe that a redistribution of wealth provides any long-term benefit. This philosophy is the prattle of political opportunists and creates unsustainable expectations.

We do not believe that any political party has all the answers and that all sides must address reality regardless of their political ideology and/or campaign donors. Ours is a diverse nation with diverse needs. No one solution can possibly fit all needs. Adherence to prescribed "pledge lists" prevents our leaders from working together for the real benefit of our nation.

We do believe that is totally appropriate for the central government to assist and protect the unfortunate including natural disasters. BUT we likewise believe that such assistance should never become a "life style" for the lazy!

We do believe that our nation must never allow an impoverished underclass. The common impression is that impoverished groups are urban minorities. However, there are areas of rural poor, aged citizens as well as (legal) immigrates where options are virtually non-existent! We strongly oppose cutting assistance in the name of "National Budget."

We do believe that uncontrolled public and private spending and deepening debt is stupid, short-sighted and destructive for all concerned.

We do believe that is perfectly okay for persons to become super rich. BUT we likewise feel that the super fortunate should help the national community and not hinder or victimize us. IE; "If you can't or won't help us then don't hinder us

We do believe that "Entitlements" is a far greater problem than the commonly referenced issues of Social Security and Medicare. (See our links on this specific subject.)

We do believe that the world is changing. Don't blame the world- deal with it! Survivors adapt. Losers languish. We will be adding a number of links and observations regarding our changing nation and expanding world economies as a theme within many subjects.

We do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not entitled to their own facts.

Special Current Note: Our "Observations" page reflects on the expanding national and world-wide protests of "Occupy Wall Street." Beneath the media's fascination with photo ops and extreme behavior there are significant root issues. These are not just some "liberal hippies" or just students that don't want to pay back their college loans.  Discounting the depth of feelings would be a mistake! Remember, there was also blanket dismissal of the emerging Tea Party movement.  Regardless, there are a number of attitudes all individuals might consider to avoid being a "victim of the times." Of special interest is the link to "Following the Follower" on our "Observations" page.  It took many years to understand the importance of understanding this concept!

Summarizing: Fogcutters seeks to offer a broad range of interesting Internet resources that provide a realistic view of our nation. When personal opinions are present we make it clear as seen in our references to "Following the Follower" and "The Strangest Secret." When and where our views are presented we also try to provide outside sources for the reader to double check our facts. If we believe that our political leadership is, frankly, BSing the public we'll say so! That is precisely why we sincerely seek your feedback. If you have documented facts that counter, or support, our positions - please, email us!

This site will continue to be a work-in-process.  Your views and suggestions are welcome.  See the link below. Please review our offerings and bookmark for future ease of access. 

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