Finding where Truth might be Hiding

NPR - Is a great source for balanced News Feeds, NPR Programs, Topics of Interest, Music, Interviews, etc.  Updated 24/7.  Play audio/video programing in the background while doing other things!  More topics than mass-media.  
World News
- Variety of world stories
Hourly News Summary  - Listen to 5 minute NPR news updates @ hour (Broad Summary)
NPR Programs
- NPR and Public Radio Guide

Movies, Weather, Business and General News & Information Sources
>>   Roger Ebert - Movie reviews and views.
>>   Yahoo Movie Reviews - guide about movies online, upcoming releases, movies in theaters and movies on DVD.
>>   N.Y. Times Movie Review - A. O. Scott joined The New York Times as a film critic in 2000.
>>   NPR Movie Reviews - Movie Reviews, Interviews for Indy films, blockbusters, and art films.

Regarding Online Movies:  Use Caution!  Some sties are potential Rip Offs!  Keep Anti-Virus software updated!

NEW!   See: for a review of movie and video sites.
>NEW!   Avoid - Do not go there!  Search "ComplaintsBoard" for details.
Updated > - Free On-line movies. Offering Hulu Plus at $7.99 @ month. Also see: for more details.

ITVS - Documentaries from Independent Television Service
Crackle - Decent offering of full length flicks plus a number of TV shows, etc. -
Music radio on the Internet. 36 genres to enjoy while doing other things.
Weather - The Weather Channel

Accuweather - Check weather forecasts and local weather
Farmer's Almanac - 2012 Long-Range Weather Forecast.  Hmmm.. kind of interesting!
National Weather Service - Long Range Predictive maps.  Various time periods. Compare with "Farmer's"?
USA Today - General News, Sports- book, Fantasy etc.,  About everything in the paper edition.
CNBC - World markets and stocks
Bloomberg - Markets and financial news
Yahoo Finance
- Markets, quotes, personal finance
eHow - Free Advice across a wide spectrum of interests.  Lots of "How To's." 
How Stuff Works - Look up information about many topics.  Good site to learn about "things."
Speciality Search Engines (Beyond Google and Bing) 20 Search Engines for College Students and academic research
Web Search Engines including more technical searches like "Invisible Web," etc.

Finding people, phone numbers, reverse lookup, etc. 
(No one single "best" FREE site!)

MSN WhitePages - Best overall for persons, phone numbers, etc. but reverse phone lookup redirects to a "fee" site
411 Locate - Get Name, age, cities & posible relatives.  Pay for specifics!
There is also PeopleFinders and PeopleLookup providing many entries w/o specifics.  Pay for more info! (Not Best.)
Political & Government News Sources

Fiscal Times - Policy & Politics, Business & Economy, Research Center
Congressional Record (Thomas) - What's on the floor now, Search bills, Treaties, etc.
Peeplo - Search engine for various legislation in the works
Main Street Insider - 90 second video summaries of hot legislation. Updated @ Monday when Congress is in session.

Tax Time is Coming! Here's 4 links you may want.
IRS - New Tax Guide Helps People Save on Their 2011 Taxes, Just released Dec. 21st
NEW!   IRS - Frequently Asked Tax Questions and Answers
NEW!   IRS - Tax Fraud Alerts 
NEW!   IRS - Facts & Figures Highlights of IRS statistics available... 

Political Parties and Movements
Democrats -  Central site for the party.  DNC with additional links available.
Republicans - Republican National Committee.  Additional links at the site.

Occupy Wall Street - Spreading around the world!  Each region or nation has particular issues but a lot in common.
Still sorting out the crazies from the stable and sincere protesters! This is a really tough one to find a consistent website.  This movement is going global!  Donations are flowing in to support the protesters. Do not underestimate the depth of feelings here.  Regardless, CNN seems to be doing a decent job covering the events.  Here are 3 more sites of interest:
NYC General Assembly - Declaration of the Occupation of NYC
Business Insider - Analyzing Their List of Grievances...
Business Insider - CHARTS: What Wall Street protests are all about.  These are real issues! The doubtful should check here!

Tea Party - Many sites represent themselves as "The" Tea Party.  Not so!
This new grass roots movement has no ONE central voice and competition remains high between various membership groups.  There is no lack of misinformation being spread both within the "party" and by established, opposing interests.  Below are several sites that, while they may not always agree, do provide a less radicalized source of information.
Eric Odom - Early activist and instrumental in organizing efforts across the country. 
Tea Party Express - The Current Dominant Tea Party Movement.  Schedules, Political Action, Blog, etc.  
Tea Party Patriots - General site with "their" mission statement and links to various State organizations.
Occupy Wall Street - Basic information

Political Views and News Across the Spectrum!
>>   Find your Representative -  Contact information, committees, etc.
>>   Find your Senator -  Contact information, committees, etc.
Congressional Voting Record - From the Washington Post
Congressional voting Record - From Votesmart, Shows votes on @ Bill.
Bills in Congress - Thomas Library of Congress - search for bills

Follow The Money - "We track political donations in all 50 states." Search for $$ influence in your state.
Roll Call -  Latest Congressional News
Library of Congress - Home page with access to many documents and collections
Washington Post Politics - Stories - Middle to left
Opposing Views? - Interesting site... 
TheYoungTurks - News and Views on current events. Cynical, trendy, not for neo-cons.
HotAir - News & Views with some attitude. 
>> AllMyFavs - Showing a gazillion sites by topicical category.  Check out the diversity!
Bloomberg - Facebook used by courts to serve papers to persons online.
Crime Maps - From Trulia, see crime data in major cities befor buying a home
                      Also see home buying advice at Trulia

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