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Hey!  It's a new year and it's an election year!  Are you prepared? 
    If someone asks "whut's up?" will you really know? Well, that's what Fogcutters is all about.  First we present three health care quizzes from WebMd.  Also, here are two quizzes to check out what you know about our country and the economy.  How do you compare with others?  

Try out these challenging quizzes!
How's your health knowledge?  Try out these 3 quick quizzes from WebMD.
1. Cancer Care
Can complementary medicine ease side effects?
2.  Best & Worst Foods for Belly Fat- Supplement your new year's resolutions!
3.  Myths and Facts About Caffeine - Some surprises await here.

Not to be forgotten... this is still an election year with all the related B.S. *
From the Intercollegiate Studies Institute - Educating for Liberty. It's a good quiz. This test is not supposed to be an easy one. The website reports that college professors average about 55%. We're not going to tell you just how badly our Congressional leaders scored!

Second, Come Back America Fiscal Quiz. Rather simplistic and somewhat slanted to the conservative perspective. Regardless, it is still interesting.

 Breaking News! Freddie Mac Bets Against Home Owners!
While home owners are struggling to save their homes Freddie Mac has been making investments that pay off when home owners lose. Freddie Mac also plays a major role in deciding if or who can refinance. Also available on NPR Audio.

Update: Treasury Investigates a Bet Against Home Owners - "The Treasury Department is investigating allegations against Freddie Mac that accuse the government-sponsored enterprise of betting against home owners’ ability to refinance their loans while also putting in roadblocks to make it more difficult to refinance.... " 
    It is worth remembering that about 80% of sub-prime mortgage applications since 2004 involved predatory lending and/or application fraud. A question worth considering is just how far should we (and our tax dollars) go to bail out those who actually did defraud banks and eventually the American public? New initiives being proposed have yet to mention fraudulent applications as a basis to deny a bailout.

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Examination of Major National Issues!

“Getting Realistic” (link above) - Now Released!  After nearly a thousand hours and input from many persons, Fogcutters is presenting our extensive report about economic and political issues facing our national community. And, oh yes, there will be a lot more coming with new links from this topic. These issues are totally a work-in-process!  That’s why we are not engaging in fancy graphics and visual fluff.  We just don’t have the time!  If you fall into any of the categories of “Not interested in politics” or “Don’t have the time” you might as well skip this material.  We don’t play partisan politics!  We will present controversial material fully knowing that some of it may "tick off" some readers!  Sorry...!  Also See "About Us."

2 Big "HooRahs" for the public spotlight!
     Our First "HooRah":  
For those who follow the popular media we're sure you're aware that that many in Congress have engaged in "insider trading." This never was a real "secret." Congress knew about how members profited from advance knowledge to make investments in the financial and equity markets. Once this arrogant behavior came to light, 170+ house members jumped on the bill as co-sponsors and the Senate also proposed a companion bill. 
UPDATE, 1/30/12 - Senate passed their version of "Stop Insider Trading" and now the House seekis to add land deals, etc. to the ban.  Maybe going to the President in March?  

    A Second "HooRah" for the public up-roar to defeat the "Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA. This terribly draconian piece of legislation undermined our nation's founding princile of "Due Process." The original legislation has been pulled and a far better proposal is now befor Congress. Get a complete view, and personal opinion, on Fogcutter's Action Alert link. 

The point is this: Congress will do whatever they feel entitled to do until the public catches on! Public knowledge is power!

     Our slogan, “Finding where Truth might be Hiding” is our primary focus – to sort through the massive and confusing information coming at us on the Internet and in our emails.  Obviously everyone has their own favorite web sites. That said, Fogcutters searches for unique sites that are sometimes difficult to find among the thousands of similar choices.  At Fogcutters we attempt to pre-screen for the best Internet resources for a great variety of information.  We try to find the quality, well organized sources and avoid the crazies and dubious links.  Fogcutters strives to present information for serious Internet users including political and economic information that is often overlooked or spun by political interests.  We present over 200 Internet links to sites that you might find interesting. ** 
     We abhor the political activist "drama queens" who pump out hysterical half-truths in the emails that clog our in-boxes! If you find sites you like bookmark them for future use.  Plan to revisit frequently for new updates. 
     Admittedly, we do have personal opinions and perspectives that are clearly presented.  After years of reporting, analyzing, and investigating a variety of problems in a number of industries several essential methodoligies have emerged regarding the investigative process. We hope that our site will reflect the decades of this experience. 

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